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A bow and arrow is a lethal weapon. All members are individually responsible for the safety of themselves, those for whom they are directly responsible, and other users of the woods.

A member is expected to intervene and take constructive action where unsafe conditions are caused by another archer or the course. If you have a safety concern about the course don’talter the course: if necessary close the target butt by removing the face and placing crossed logs across the butt and report it straight away to a committee member.

Shooting alone in the woods is discouraged. Always let someone know where you are if you are alone. Carry a mobile phone (silent ring) and a whistle in case you find yourself alone: if you have an accident when you are alone and need to call the emergency services, they will find you more easily in the woods by following the sound of a whistle than mobile phone directions.


  1. shoot under the influence of alcohol or any drug or medication which could impair your ability to shoot safely;

  2. point a bow – whether loaded or unloaded – or an arrow at any person or shoot to the side of a person;

  3. move between targets with an arrow nocked on the string;

  4. knowingly shoot a damaged arrow: check each arrow for damage before shooting it;

  5. draw a bow in a manner where an accidental release could be dangerous (eg a high draw);

  6. distract an archer during his shot other than to stop the shot in a case of immediate danger;

  7. stand forward of any archer during shooting (spotting);

  8. take a shot unless you are sure it is safe to do so, (e.g: there is no-one behind the boss);

  9. backtrack around the course, or walk anywhere unless you have satisfied yourself that it is safe.

    Company of Sixty Field Archers Limited (Reg No 05091768 England and Wales) Regd Office : Tanners Cottage, 22A Furze Lane, Godalming, Surrey GU7 3NW Affiliated to The National Field Archery Society

Foliage must NOT be cleared by any archer in order to make the shot easier, nor should pegs be moved.

If you need to search for a lost arrow, always leave one person on view between the peg and boss whilst others in the group search in case other archers following arrive at the peg and do not realize there are still archers behind the boss. ALWAYS if you are on your own, leave your bow/quiver lying across the front of the boss if you are looking for arrows behind the boss to alert any archer coming up to the peg. Do not shoot if you arrive at a peg and cannot be sure the area behind the boss is clear: do ot shot if there is any kit in front of the boss.

All members, under the age of 18, must be supervised by an adult; all under 12s MUST shoot with a participating parent or guardian.

At NFAS Open Shoots:

  1. Every adult archer must carry a whistle:

  2. In the event of an emergency or accident, only one capable person shall use a whistle to give the emergency signal of three blasts followed by a pause.

  3. On hearing the emergency signal, all archers must stop shooting immediately.

  4. The emergency signal shall be repeated only by one of the group originating the signal until the shoot organiser or a marshal arrives at the scene.

  5. On hearing the emergency signal any other persons on the shoot site (such as caterers, trade stalls etc) should stay where they are until told otherwise by the shoot organiser or a marshal.

  6. The shoot organiser and marshals, on hearing the emergency whistle signal, shallimmediately sound the shoot’s ‘stop shooting’ signal, which should also be three blasts. The source of this signal (eg an air horn) must be announced to archers in the shootorganiser’s pre-shoot safety briefing.

  7. Only the shoot organiser can restart the shoot. The restart signal is normally one blast of the same source (eg an air horn) used to stop the shoot which should also be highlighted at the preshoot safety briefing. A whistle must not be used to restart a shoot.

  8. The number of persons shooting at any one butt must not exceed six.


Members and visitors are allowed to shoot bows corresponding to all NFAS classes including sighted classes.

All members and visitors must have read and understand these Rules and the NFAS shooting and safety Rules before shooting or walking in the woods.

  1. Shooting position - the archer must be in bodily contact with the shooting peg, which must be between the archer and the butt.

  2. All arrows in the target area are scored, including those that bounce or ricochet but were independently witnessed as having hit the scoring area. The lowest score for an arrow shot from that peg is awarded.

  3. All arrows shot on course must have field or target points. NO BODKINS OR BROADHEADS.

  4. Do not shoot at ANY animal. IT IS ILLEGAL.


  1. The Company of Sixty woods belong to the Crown Estates. They are situated at Woodlands Park, Oxshott off the A244 Leatherhead Road, near Junction 9 of the M25. Nearest Post Code KT22 0ET. Grid Ref TQ15195 59550 Lat:- 51.323401 Long:- 0.3489365

  2. The maximum speed limit for vehicles is 5 MPH. Always park to the right hand side of the track. Park with care avoiding waterlogged ground and ditches which may be obscured by grass/bracken overgrowth. Never block Emergency vehicle access via the road/track to the woods.

  3. The gate from the road must be locked behind you at all times (except on shoot days) even during practice times.

  4. All cars must display the Company of Sixty parking permit while in woods.

  5. The woods are open to all full members seven days a week during daylight hours.

  6. All members MUST carry Club and NFAS cards at all times when in the woods. Temporary Members must be accompanies by their sponsoring archer member and must carry Temporary Membership passes at all times. All of the above must produce their cards/passes whenrequested to do so by any Crown Estate personnel or the Club’s Warden. Any person withoutthe respective cards is trespassing. If they are in possession of a bow or knife Crown Estates personnel or the Club Wardens or any Club member may report them to the police if they do not leave the grounds or produce a valid card.

  7. You must not, under any circumstances, take anyone into the woods who is NOT a Company of Sixty member or in possession of a completed temporary Membership Form.

  8. Dogs are not allowed on the course during any organized shoot event. During events: (i) while shooting is in progress dogs must be kept in the owner's car (and proper care taken for their welfare) (ii) while no shooting is in progress dogs may be exercised only on a lead and on the main track. Outside of organized events full members may bring a dog but must keep it on a short lead at all times and secure it while shooting. All persons bringing dogs must remove all mess and are solely responsible for the safety and conduct of the animal. No more than one dog per supervising member.

No Fires are allowed in the woods

  1. Smoking is not permitted except on the track opposite the hut.

  2. Please do not drop litter in the woods. If you find litter or broken arrow parts please pick it up throw them in bins at the hut or dispose of them at home.

  3. Respect the wildlife and flora in the woods. There are many rare flowers please do not trample them, pick them or dig them up.

  4. If you have a safety concern please don’t alter the course. If necessary close the target butt by removing the face and placing crossed logs across the butt. Report it straight away to the Woods Marshal or a committee member.

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