NFAS Shooting styles

The NFAS exists to foster and promote Field Archery as a sport. All courses are over unmarked (ie unknown) distances, usually situated in woodland, and targets are predominately 3D or paper animal faces.

You can read more about the definitions of each NFAS shooting style and see the current NFAS shooting rules on the NFAS site here. What follows is a summary:

There are ten NFAS shooting styles within the society which are shot at our club.

Longbow (LB)
American Flatbow (AFB)
Hunting Tackle (HT)
Traditional Bowhunter (TBH)
Barebow (BB)
Freestyle (FS)
Primitive (PV)
Compound Limited (CL)
Unlimited (CU)
Bowhunter (BH)
Crossbow (XB)

Each style is split into the following classes: Gents, Ladies, Junior Boys U16, Junior Girls U16, Cub Boys over 9 and Cub Girls over 9, and Cub Boys Under 9 and Cub Girls Under 9. 

On a standard round, known as a Big Game round, an archer will shoot until he/she scores, up to a maximum of three arrows.

Arrows are shot from the following pegs:

Red White Blue

Juniors Under 16:
White Blue Blue 

Juniors Under 14: 
Blue Yellow Yellow

Cubs Over 9 :
Yellow Yellow Yellow

Cubs Under 9:
Orange Orange Orange 

Company of Sixty applies the NFAS shooting rules at its Open and Friendly shoots.

It has a few particular rules of its own too - read our Etiquette Guide


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