Information For Day Visitors

Temporary Membership
Your chance to bring a friend to give field archery a go 

To help the Club to attract new members and give you a chance to introduce your friends to our brilliant sport the committee has negotiated a special extension our club insurance to provide cover for 'Taster Sessions' for beginners on the practice butts, and for competent beginners and visitors from other societies to walk with you or shoot around the course subject to certain strict conditions. 

A copy of the Rules relating to Temporary Members is posted in the Hut and is incorporated into the Club's Rules. Please read them. 

Basically it works like this:

  1. You must be a full Member and and an experienced Archer. This is not defined, but we would expect something over three years experience. You can accompany a maximum of 4 Temporary Members at one time around the woods. You must accompany all of your Temporary Members AT ALL TIMES while in the woods. The Temporary Members may shoot (subject to (2) below) but must be under ONE-TO-ONE supervision by you while he is doing so. .

  2. If your visitor is a beginner, he/she MUST demonstrate to your satisfaction basic safe practices and competence with a bow at the practice butts before being permitted to leave the vicinity of the Club Hut in possession of a bow to use the woods. You are responsible for that judgment. Be satisfied that the Temporary Member is ready and safe to tackle the course. Remember that others will be using the woods! The committee recommends that complete novices should have at least basic familiarity with shooting a bow before using the butts, ideally having had some qualified coaching. 

  3. A person may attend as a Temporary Member on no more the THREE OCCASIONS. Thereafter that person must join Company of Sixty as a full member and join the NFAS before they are permitted to be present on the land again. The requirement to be a member of the NFAS is a condition of our Lease.

  4. The sponsoring Member and each temporary member must, ON EACH OCCASION, COMPLETE AND CARRY WITH THEM THE FORM (download a copy here) and PAY THE FEE. 

  5. FORMS are available here and in the Club hut. Each Temporary Member must provide his name, address, date of visit and confirmation that he has been shown and understood the Safety and Shooting Rules in the Hut. This is important. It is a condition of the insurance that this is done and records kept for three years. TEMPORARY VISITORS MUST CARRY THEIR FORMS WITH THEM AT ALL TIMES WHILE IN THE WOODS.

  6. The FEE IS £5 per Temporary Member per visit. At the end of your round please post the form to the Membership Secretary with the fee. Cheques are payable to "Company of Sixty".

  7. We hope visitors will want to join before the end of their three visits. Provided that the duly completed forms and fees have been received by the membership secretary, those temporary membership fees can be deducted from your annual full Club membership cost (eg, if you have returned forms with £5 temporary membership fees from two visits, your full annual membership fee will only be a further £40, half year only an additional £15). This only applies to first-time members who join in the same year as their visits. 

This is a marvellous opportunity for the Club. Please be responsible.

We know that some members have taken friends to the woods in the past. PLEASE NOTE: even if they are already NFAS members your visitor is NOT INSURED unless he has complied with the above requirements. If there is an accident in which they harm themselves, you or a third party (i) he/she can be sued personally and have to meet any damages from personal resources (ii) you will not have the benefit of Club Insurance cover and risk personal liability too (iii) if there is a claim against the Club’s own policy there is a good chance that the Club will be unable to obtain any, or affordable Insurance in the future. 

If you're unclear about any of this, or you have any questions, please do get in touch and we'll do our best to answer your questions as promptly as possible.